Directed by

Lisa Haney

Camp Oath:
"I will dedicate myself to being the best I can be! 
I will respect my teammates, my opponents, my parents, and the officials! 
But most importantly, I will respect myself! And...I will DREAM DREAMS ...and never, ever give up on them!"

My daughter had never been to a basketball camp before and was unsure if she had talent for the game. After a week at Coach Lisa’s camp, with the encouragement of her coach and teammates, she developed confidence and fundamental skills. She is eager to come back this year! 

- Barry Keith 

I was very impressed at how easy the skills were to learn once I got the hang of it. After a week at this amazing basketball camp, I felt so much more confidence when I played in a game. I feel so privileged to be able to go back again!!! 

-Hannah Keith